Grants for Homeschooling

For the most part, the federal government does not offer grants for homeschooling, and by law individuals cannot approach the United States government for aid. Even though there are currently no federal grants for homeschool families, there are of course wider known federal grants and scholarships for homeschool graduates going to college. That does not mean there is nothing at all available for families though. Homeschooling grants do exist, but they are not well publicized, so families must research and pursue this aid.

First, large corporations frequently offer grants to traditional and charter schools. Some of these are available for homeschools, but you must be proactive and know what to apply for. Wal-Mart for example offers grants for homeschooling. You must contact their education department to apply, and you will most likely need to talk to several people in order to get all of the information you need.

Secondly, there are many different organizations that offer grants directly, depending on the situation. The Home School Foundation gives grants to families, the Children of Single Parents Fund offers help to Christian single parents, the Widows Fund similarly offers assistance to Christian families who have lost a parent, and the Special Needs Children’s Fund helps parents of special needs students afford the specialized therapies, treatments, and equipment for students with disabilities. In British Columbia, an annual grant of $175 is allowed to every homeschool student. Students in Alaska as well are given an annual stipend to pay for textbooks.

Probably most importantly, it helps to be involved in a homeschool support group because these organizations oftentimes issue their own grants. It is also easier to receive a grant from an outside source if you apply together as a homeschool group. One last advantage is if your homeschool group has 501 (c) 3 standing as per US Tax code, then you will be more likely to receive a grant.

In addition, many states grant libraries money and resources to develop programs for homeschool families within public libraries. This may come in the form of larger book collections or extra programs, but it can either way ease the stress of teaching everything out of your own home. Check with your local public library for more information.

Finally, church and religious ministries are a great place to receive general support or financial aid. Many ministries donate books, learning material, and school supplies to homeschool families. Some even run their own homeschool programs and are eager to help similar families.

The best way to find grants available to you and your family is by searching the web and getting in contact with larger community groups of homeschooling families. The process is not easy and requires quite a bit of time and effort, but these grants for homeschoolers do exist for those who pursue them.

Homeschooling is a challenge, but it can have outstanding rewards for yourself. At the same time, it can be reat for your child. Just be sure to take it very seriously and try to make an effort to separate your roll as an everyday parent with your roll as a home school teacher.

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