Celebrating Thanksgiving:
Pilgrim Hat Candy Cup

These make really cute party favors or a quick craft between lessons. As you make them, you can explain the different between the traditional hat that we see or many decorations, and the hats that the Pilgrims actually wore.

Materials for the Craft:

Styrofoam or paper cups
Black tempra paint (non-toxic)
Heavy cardboard
White or grey construction paper
Plastic wrap
Candies or nuts
Ribbon or yarn


1. Turn the cups upside down and cut out the bottom of each cup. Next, Cut out circles of heavy cardboard that are approximately 3/4 of an inch larger than the top part (now the bottom) of the cups.

2. Paint the outsides and insides of the cups with the black paint. Paint the cardboard circles. Let the cups and circles dry completely.

3. Cut out hatbands and buckles from the white and grey construction paper (see illustration) Glue to the cups. Glue the cups to the cardboard circles. Let dry.

4. Cut little squares of plastic wrap. Fill with candies or nuts and tie these up with a piece of ribbon or yarn. Put inside your candy cups.

A Variation - Use larger containers to make a centerpiece or snack bowls.

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