Little House on the Prairie Timeline

The Little House on the Prairie series lends itself quite easily to home or classroom education opportunities. There are several activity books and at least two full-year curriculum packages based on this series. Here is a fun activity to use when reading any of the books … or the whole series including all the new ones out based on the lives of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s ancestresses and her daughter.

To keep the timeframe of the Little House books in perspective, make a timeline and fill it out as you read each book.

There are several options for a date to start your timeline. We started ours in 1836, which is when Charles “Pa” Ingalls was born. We at first ended the timeline in 1957 which is the year that Laura Ingalls Wilder passed away; however, we later continued the timeline further as we began filling in events in the life of Rose Wilder Lane, Laura’s daughter.

Some dates you may wish to include in your timeline:

1831 – 1890 Sitting Bull
1836 – 1902 Charles “Pa” Philip Ingalls
1837 – 1901 Queen Victoria of England
1838 – 1917 Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii
1839 – 1924 Caroline “Ma” Lake Quiner Ingalls
1847 – 1931 Thomas Alva Edison
1857 – 1949 Almanzo James Wilder
1860 Charles “Pa” and Caroline “Ma” are married
1863 – 1947 Henry Ford
1866 – 1943 Beatrix Potter
1867 – 1957 Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder
1865 – 1928 Mary Amelia Ingalls
1870 – 1946 Caroline Celetia “Carrie” Ingalls
1874 Ingalls family moved to Walnut Grove
Nov 1875 – Aug 1876 Charles Frederick Ingalls
Jun 25, 1876 Battle of Little Big Horn
1877 – 1941 Grace Pearl Ingalls
1879 Ingalls family moved to De Smet, SD
1882 Laura receives her first teaching certificate
1882 – 1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt
25 Aug 1885 Laura marries Almanzo James Wilder
1886 – 1968 Rose Wilder Lane
1889 – 1889 unnamed son of Laura & Almanzo Wilder
1889 Mary Ingalls graduates from Iowa College for the Blind
1894 Almanzo and Laura buy Rocky Ridge Farm in Missouri
1912 Carrie Ingalls married David Swanzey, the man credited with naming Mt. Rushmore
1914 – 1918 World War I
1920 Women given the right to vote
1929 – 1930’s The Depression
1932 Little House in the Big Woods published
1933 Farmer Boy published
1935 Little House on the Prairie published
1937 On the Banks of Plum Creek published
1939 – 1945 World War II
1939 By the Shores of Silver Lake published
1940 The Long Winter published
1941 Little Town on the Prairie published
1943 These Happy Golden Years published
1950 – 1953 Korean War
1962 On the Way Home published
1971 The First Four Years published

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