Theme Fun: Spiders

Kids really enjoy this one. Some of the activities in this fun theme should be approached with due caution. If you do the nature studies portion, you need to remember that while spiders are mostly useful to the environment, some are still dangerous to humans.

Note: Spiders and arachnids can be studied at any time of the year. If any of these crafts have what you consider to be an inappropriate holiday theme, simply change the look of the spider face or alter it in some other way that it better suits your family's use. This may be especially helpful if you are using this with very young children, or children who have a fear of spiders and bugs.

Online Lesson Ideas: -- note: this is a list of several lessons
Spiders from First School

Snack Ideas:

Make Spider Marshmellows: For each spider, use one large marshmallow for the body and one small marshmallow for the head (attach with 1/2 a toothpick). Make eyes from mini M&Ms, legs from pretzel sticks. Cover with chocolate sauce, if desired.

Spider Snacks
2 round crackers
8 pretzel sticks
2 raisins
Peanut butter

Preparation instructions: Spread peanut butter onto one of the round crackers. Place the pretzel sticks on the edges of the cracker. These are your spider's legs! Place the second cracker on top of the first cracker. Spread two small dots of peanut butter on top of the second cracker. To make your spider eyes, stick one raisin to each dot of peanut butter.

Miss Spider's Tea Party

Craft Ideas:

Thumbprint Spiders: Use thumb prints dipped in black ink or colored with a black marker. Add crayon legs and features.

Pom-pom Spiders: Use various colors and sized pom-poms and glue together to make spider body. Add pipe cleaners for legs and wiggle eyes.

Spider Handprint Craft
Spider Wreath
Christmas Spider
Clay Pot Spider
Fuzzy the Spider
Puzzle Spider
Silly Spider
Spider Bracelets
Spider Glider
Spider Puppet
Halloween Spider
Hot Glue Spider Web
Creepy Crawly Spider

Nature Studies:

Spider Science
Bug Science
Spider Trivia
ThinkQuest Spider Trivia
Spider Humor


Some GREAT printables from Enchanted Learning


SPIDER WEB: In an enclosed area, take numerous, separate and very long pieces of yarn to create a giant spider web. Put a piece of tape on the beginning of each piece and tie a number to the end. Criss cross the pieces of yarn throughout the room to create a "web." Each child grabs a taped end of yarn and rolls it up until the end is found. Each number corresponds to a special prize or treat. The kids will have fun working there way through the web and trying to stay untangled.

Yarn Spider Web Game (Elementary School Children): Roll up a small ball of black yarn, one for each child, the size of a golf ball. Have the children stand in a circle holding their ball. A parent or helper can then tie the yarn around each child's waist and give that child the rest of the ball to hold. Each child, taking turns around the circle, tosses the ball of yarn to someone across from him. That child then wraps the yarn once around him and tosses it to another child and so on and so on. When they are done tossing and wrapping they must now get themselves out of the spider web they have made. Lots of fun.

Spider Bingo: Make a Spider Bingo game. Using poster board, cut an eight inch square for each child. Draw a grid with nine squares on each board. Randomly place different colored shapes on each square in the grid. Laminate or cover with clear contact paper. To play, call out different colors and shapes. The children cover their squares with spider rings. Three in a row Spider Bingo!

Spider Bean Bag: Using bulletin board paper, cut out a large circle for the body of your spider. Cut another smaller circle for the head. Draw a smiling face on your spider. Next, cut eight legs for your spider from different colored bulletin board paper. Adhere the body, and head of the spider (circles) and the legs (four on each side) to a vinyl shower curtain using clear contact paper. To play the game, instruct the children to toss bean bags onto a certain color leg or sequence of legs. Tip: Attach the rough side of a piece of Velcro Sticky-Back Squares to each of the four corners of the shower curtain to help it stay put on your carpet.

Spider Magnet Pickup: Purchase a bean bag spider (or make your own using felt). Hot glue small round magnets to several legs. Attach a foot of yarn or cord to the back of the spider (stitching works best). Collect 10 metal juice can lids .Spray paint the lids in various colors. Place a sticker of an insect in the center of each lid. The children try to pick up the insects using the spider suspended from his thread.

Spiders & Flies: Establish a home line or lines. Some distance away, place one Joey sitting on the ground as a spider. The others, the flies, skip about the spider in a circle clapping hands and buzzing. The spider sits still and waits, then suddenly leaps up and chases the flies who run for the home lines. Any flies caught become spiders. Continue until all are caught.

Spider Food Hunt
Miss Muffet Game
Spider Trivia


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