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At Easy Fun School you will find plenty of ideas for making education fun, whether you are a homeschooling parent or a public or private school educator. Our unit studies can be used on a regular basis or as a nice break from traditional curriculum. Unit studies allow you to integrate several subjects while enjoying an interesting topic together as a family or in a classroom setting. We offer activities, recipes, science projects, literature units, crafts, games, lesson plans and more for preschool to middle school... and even some for high school students!

History Lessons and Activities Index
Explore Ancient Israel, debate Hammurabi's Code, study the harvest cycle in Ancient Egypt, cast a faux marble sculpture, make parched corn, acorn flour, homemade mulled cider, a soup can lantern, Cherokee sweet potato bread, hasty pudding and more... all right here in our History index!

Art Lessons and Activities Index
Creative and exciting art lessons and activities for students to enjoy. Art projects can be difficult for educators to come up with, which is why we highlight a ton of options for art activities.

Science Lessons and Activities Index
Our "Science Fun" column offers several ways for students to learn about science while being engaged. We also have several science articles along with Science-based themes covering important and interesting topics such as dinosaurs.

Language Arts & Literature Activities Index
We have compiled an immense source of information with suggested reading lists, literature units, and lessons plans for classics such as Alice in Wonderland and Treasure Island.

Nature Studies Lessons and Activities Index
Learn about birds, gardening, vegetables, wildlife animals, fruit, plants, & more... all right here in our Nature Studies index!

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